Brazil sends 26 players to be the first nation.

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Brazil became the first nation in football World Cup history to field a full 26-player field. After fielding a third-choice goalkeeper against South Korea.

Under coach Titi, the Samba beat South Korea 4-1 in the round of 16 to progress to the quarter-finals against Croatia on Friday December 9. 

With 10 minutes to go, Brazil replaced Alisson Becker with third-choice goalkeeper Weverton. UFABET  And became the last player on the team to feature in the World Cup.

Ververton’s appearance saw Brazil become the first nation in history to use 26 players in a single World Cup final. 

Tite used his players extensively after the team advanced to the knockout stages with their first two wins. Causing the team to change up to 9 positions in the final game of the group stage. Which was defeated by Cameroon 0-1. Then returned to use the senior set again in the attacking game against white ginseng. 

The 2022 World Cup is the first to increase the number of players from 23 to 26 in line with the post-COVID situation. And it’s also the first winter World Cup competition.

At the same time, 4 goals in the first half It is also a new record in the 68 years of the World Cup. with a lead of 4 goals in the first half. The last country to do so was Brazil in 1954, when the game was remembered as a 5-0 win over Mexico, scoring four goals in the first half like this game. 

for the Brazilian national team will meet with Croatian national team on December 9, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. Thailand time at the Education City Stadium.