Enrique teaches media to be optimistic.

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Spain boss Luis Enrique Martinez believes the national media has exaggerated the criticism of La Roja. After their 2-1 defeat to Japan in the final football game of the group stage.

Spain coach Luis Enrique Martinez said before leading his squad to the 2022 World Cup round of 16 against Morocco on Tuesday. Feeling the criticism of the national media was overkill Indeed. After the game, Japan lost 1-2 in the final game of the group stage. According to a report from Marca on Monday. 

‘You talk to me about 10 minutes, Japan is just 10 minutes ahead of almost 300 games we’ve played.’ 

‘You care about moments you don’t like, I’m sorry, there will always be more like this. And as we progress more I focus on the positive. There is, of course, a lot to improve on. Spain is always at risk. If we want to win We continued to invade. The rest had patience until they lost and then attacked. We are not playing alone. (without opponent)’ UFABET

However, Germany is an example showing that just 10 minutes of poor play can cause them to escape the orbit of the tournament as well. But Luis Enrique insists that he has analyzed the performance of the entire Spanish army. 3 games in the first round, even with only one win. But the 52-year-old trainer was pleased with what had happened.

‘Psychologically, I’m absolutely perfect and the players are in the same course. We had some deep reflections after Japan on what the group stage was like. aspects that need improvement. An all-or-nothing game suggests more tension. But we are very confident in our chances.’ said Luis Enrique.