Paul Pogba returns to Turin resumes recovery.

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Paul Pogba spent time resting and recovering in the United States and close to returning to Juventus. Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reports that. Pogba is expected to report back to Juventus’ training ground, Continassa on Tuesday. To continue to recover after spending 15 days in the United States to get fit.

Paul Pogba joined Juventus from Manchester United for the second time on a free transfer last summer. But before he could enter the field.UFABET He suffered a knee injury and underwent surgery in early September Until having to recuperate for a long time since then.

The 29-year-old midfielder has spent 15 days in the United States, with Juventus’ medical staff working closely on his rehabilitation programme. And now the time is over Pogba returns to Italy. And is scheduled to report to the Bianconeri’s training ground on Tuesday.

Pogba aims to be fit in time for Juventus’ first two games of 2023 against Cremonese and Udinese. But his real target is Napoli’s crucial game on January 13.

The 29-year-old midfielder received additional tests from the Zebra medical team. As a result, it was concluded that the treatment of Pogba is expected to undergo surgery. which of course If you have surgery The rehabilitation period must be long and must be completed a rehabilitation program according to the schedule set by the medical team.