Rabiot won’t block Premier League next season.

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Juventus French midfielder Adrien Rabiot reveals he is ready to seriously consider all options. After the end of the World Cup 2022.

Rabiot has the final season of his contract with Juventus. It is not expected that a new contract will be renewed. But the French national team midfielder insists on not blocking every opportunity. Including continuing to stay in Turin as well. Previously, Manchester United almost grabbed Rabiot to join the army last summer. But the player rejected the offer. However, the former midfielder Paris Saint – Germain. Did not close the opportunity to play in England next season.

“I feel attracted to football by premier league and a very competitive nature.” Rabiot, who has previously been in the Manchester City youth ranks, told ESPN. UFABET

“I loved my time there. Even though I was young i like culture and living My family likes it too.”

“I don’t ignore playing football in England. But there will be several options to consider. I haven’t spoken to Juve about the future because at the start of the season it was difficult. Plus the World Cup arrived. I want to concentrate.”

“After the World Cup I will begin to think more seriously about my future.”