Souness slams the Kop over Jude Bellingham.

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ITV analyst Graeme Souness has urged Liverpool fans not to get too carried away. By the atmosphere of Jordan Henderson and Jude Bellingham England bromance. Because no matter how cheesy it is In real life. The Reds lack financial competitiveness.

Bellingham at Dortmund has become the most sought after player in Europe in the summer of 2023. With a price tag of more than 130 million pounds.    

However, several sources claim that the 19 year-old appears to have a preference for ‘ Reds ‘. As he wants to be Henderson’s successor UFABET 

Plus during the week, there are pictures of him walking with Trent Alexander – Arnold, right-back from Liverpool and posting on social media or the World Cup round of 16. The team defeated Senegal 3- 0 way ‘ Hendo ‘ Jude is in perfect harmony .  

It became a story that netizens interpreted in the same way that Bellingham will be wearing the #22 Young Anfield shirt from next season.  

But in the corner , Souness warned ‘ The Kop ‘ not to think in favor of himself. Because the child may just flirt with the drink, find the idea to join the pillow.  

“ There’s no need to waste time describing the quality of this kid. That pillow is awesome. Plus having the luck to become a star , 

Opening his mouth through ‘ ITV Sport ‘

“ He was brought up in football from Dortmund , next year will leave. Of course, the big teams flirt with the head of the ladder. If there’s a bid between Man City and Real Madrid – it’s up to the kid where it ends up. ” 

“ He’s got all the attributes of a midfield player , tough physique , good stamina , almost impossible to fault – I think he’ll grow up to be a star. ” 

“ Personally I don’t think he’d end up at Liverpool unless they get a new club owner. Because if we just take the present, we can’t buy that pillow. The big, rich teams stared at it. ” 

Although Fenway Sports Group announced the sale of Liverpool. But at this time there is still no real offer from any of you.