The Spanish Manchester United camp is furious, mixed with young stars waiting to warm Cadiz.

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The Manchester United club, who traveled to Spain for a short stay in order to get the rhythm of playing. Before the start of the second half of the 2022-23 football season is intense. By preparing to hit the shoe secret against Cadiz (December 7)

Danny Webber, a former Academy United boy who turned into the club’s public relations officer, latched on to the team ‘s manager , Erik Ten Hag. It was clear everything was positive.  

In addition to ‘ ETASH ‘ , there is also Mark Dempsey, head coach of the U -21s , following to supervise their own children. UFABET The concentration is therefore full, no accelerator withdrawal.  

“ It came out really well. You see, not only the players are here. But the coaching staff. All our personnel come to Spain, such as coach ‘ Demps ‘ , who follows his U21 boys to support a seamless workflow, ” the ‘ United Daily ‘ concluded.

“ When you are a young player, you have to step up and experience this environment. It’s about how to learn as quickly as possible , making sure standards are high enough when playing on the pitch , monitoring your performance , warming up well , cooperating with activities and interacting positively with staff. ”

“ It’s all a little introduction. Let the kids see the big picture. ”

“ The bonus is that you get the ball under your feet. and do what you love. ” 

In addition to the game against Cadiz , Manchester United had to beat Real Betis ( Dec. 10 ). Then had about 10 days before the Carabao Cup fourth-round duel Burnley ( Dec. 21 )