Arsenal big match against Manchester United this week

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Arsenal big match against Manchester United this week

Arsenal host Manchester United at home on Sunday, Chris Sutton saying the hosts look slightly better than the away team.

Former Blackburn Rovers striker Chris Sutton, game analyst, has predicted the outcome of Sunday’s big Premier League clash that will be Match between Arsenal and Manchester United

The Gunners have 7 points from 3 games played, unbeaten against any team, while United have lost 1 game against Spurs with 6 points from the same game.

With the state of the team at the moment and the prestige of being a big team, Sutton sees it as a tight game but he still believes Mikel Arteta’s men will be able to beat the Red Devils by 3 points.

“I think both teams have not shown very good form, even though Arsenal has 7 out of 9 points and Manchester United has 6 points.”

“There are questions being ask of Mikel Arteta about whether. He has made too many changes to the team. It’s a question that really needs to ask. Manchester United haven’t really hit their stride yet, beating Nottingham Forest on penalties with some problems.”

“Arsenal playing at the Emirates Stadium has been a good start to the season. I think they can beat Manchester United, but I don’t think they will be overwhelming.”

“I give Arsenal a 2-1 win,” Sutton said. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท