4 secrets to eating shabu like a pro Delicious like a shabu expert

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4 secrets to eating shabu like a pro Delicious like a shabu expert, how should you eat it? Whether you are a shabu expert Or people who eat soaked shabu are fine. There is no right or wrong way to eat. But if you want to eat like an expert, try listening to tips on eating shabu like a professional. What should I do to make the whole pot delicious? Report from ufabet http://ufabet999.app

4 tips for eating shabu like a professional

1. Choose your favorite soup. Whether it’s rich, spicy, or mildly sweet and salty, if you can’t choose, just choose the one in a separate pot. You will be able to enjoy two flavors at the same time.

2. Put the vegetables into the pot first. This is because vegetables cook more slowly than meat. So put the vegetables in the pot first. Hard vegetables like carrots take a little longer. Green leafy vegetables take longer to cook, about 3 minutes is enough. As for the meat, it takes about 30-60 minutes. The reason for adding the vegetables first is because they will be perfectly cooked, crispy, and delicious. Eat with thinly sliced, soft, and delicious meat.

3. Don’t throw the meat into the soaker. Gently dunk the meat. Pour it into the soup, swirl it around for a moment, and when it’s cooked, scoop it up quickly. Don’t try to add a lot at a time, just 1-2 bites will taste better. Then dip it with your favorite dipping sauce. Then you can eat it with rice, udon noodles, or noodles, you can choose as you like.

4. Gently blanch, adding one thing at a time. Don’t throw it all in at once. Because boiling water may cause the meat to be overcooked, the vegetables to be mushy, and not delicious to eat. Be patient, eat slowly, slowly blanch. You will get the sweet, soft taste of the meat, the fresh, crisp vegetables, and every bite is delicious.

Additional tips

  • Turn on low heat. Too much boiling water will make the soup taste dull.
  • Can be filled with normal water Shabu soup can be added with regular water. without having to worry about the taste
  • Use chopsticks to dip the meat. Chopsticks are the most suitable utensil for eating shabu shabu. Because it helps us to clamp the meat easily and cleanly.
  • Eat it all. Shabu is a Japanese style food that emphasizes freshness and deliciousness. Eat the whole pot so you don’t waste anything.