Chelsea 0-1 Forest: Issues after the Premier League game

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Chelsea 0-1 Forest: Issues after the Premier League game, the Blues went bankrupt at home.

 Nobody expected the game at Stamford Bridge to come out like this
• Because before the game, when measured head-to-head, Chelsea looked much better than Forest
• But why “Ka Home” was the answer. Report from ufabet

3 center back system…for what?

Although fighting to change the system back to the basic formula, accelerate the color, accelerate the growth of 4-2-3-1 that the players look familiar with Came in the game to overtake AFC Wimbledon 2-1 in the Carabao Cup in midweek, but in this game, Mauricio Pochettino still puts a 3-4-2-3 center-back system. 1 playing in the Premier League again

Even though there was not much opposition in the social media world. But it’s impossible to ask anyway. Against a team like Forest, how necessary is it to use three center backs, Disasi-Silva-Colville, along with two wing-backs on either side?

Crucially, this is Forest without Brennan Johnson, who has already moved to Spurs on the deadline day.

Start the game with this format. Until when they lost the goal, they still didn’t adjust. Just like when the moment comes, it’s still the same.

as the author I wouldn’t dare say I’m better than Pochettino, but assuming this was an FM/CM game, Chelsea would definitely not enter the field with this system. Or even more so when the game slows down. The more you have to remove the defender to send more attackers. It’s not like having the defender push the game up to help the front of the house.

Intermediaries that are not yet compatible

Obviously, the three midfielders have different responsibilities. Cut the opponent’s attack game, Connor Gallagher connects the game as a ball out in the middle, Enzo Fernandez turns from a link to a full attacker. Stand tall and support the target spear in a 3-4-2-1 system.

It may not be branded as bad or “failed” , but what was seen in both this game and the previous match, it’s clear that these 3 people still don’t quite get along well. We still have to learn from each other. And still need time to adapt to this tactic, especially Caicedo, the owner of a brutal 100 + 15 million pounds, has not shown the true quality. Still not close to the peak form of his time at Brighton.