Chelsea players graded in last night’s Premier League game

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Chelsea players graded in last night’s Premier League game, losing 0-1 to Forest at home.

Following the win over Luton Town, Chelsea face “not too hard” opponents, Nottingham Forest
• But oh… just “home” Report from สมัคร ufabet
• And this is our second defeat. And after the new Premier League season, only 4 games have passed.

Chelsea player ratings

Robert Sanchez – 6

It’s not a game that requires much effort. But from being shot on target only 3 times, they lost 1 goal, unable to pull off a super save to help the team collect points today.

Axel Disasi – 5

aerial shots and stamina is no problem. But it was not a game that required hard work as Forest set up a game to attack and count many times throughout the game.

Thiago Silva – 5

He struggled quite a bit in his constant battles with Tywo Awoniyi and lost until the half-hour mark. But in the end, leaving space for the second rower Anthony Elanka to do it at the beginning of the second half

Levi Colville – 6

Taken out of the defense. and is considered to be doing quite well but came out stuck A little too easy to foul. Called to have to strengthen the bones a little more to be still.

Ben Chilwell – 5

Had some chances to break through in the first half. This means that this game focuses especially on offense. But it doesn’t stand out. and was removed in the last half hour.

Moises Kaicedo – 5

The first half has a lot of roles, both offensive and defensive. But in the second half, when caught, it was the cause of the loss of the goal immediately. Then do your best to help the team equalize. But it didn’t succeed. Overall, it’s still not a great form like in Brighton.

Connor Gallagher – 5

has the role of linking the game and being the ball-bearer in midfield, replacing Enzo, who has moved up higher. But it was another game where Gallagher didn’t really shine. There was a moment of missed payment. and was removed accordingly.

Enzo Fernandez – 5

was place in neutral and went full attack again. and there is a good opportunity to look closely Without a flanker before the end of the first half. But he broke through the crossbar. Continuing with the first half of injury time, he scored a free kick at a dangerous point. Hitting the wall is not a chance.

Malo Gusto – 6

dare to play, dare to collide Dare to wade through the game Coordinating right to starboard with Raheem Sterling continues to flow smoothly. but the offensive game may be blind A little bit more when it’s Sterling’s duty.

Raheem Sterling – 7

Did his best and ran wild in his own right. But it was not as easy as the previous match, which was always passable. This game is more difficult. And when you can create opportunities The friend couldn’t make ends meet again.

Nicholas Jackson – 4

Pretty quiet in the first half, there was a moment when Raheem Sterling made a nice shot but caught the heavyweights, most

importantly, a golden opportunity 5 yards before the end of the game that flew over the bar nicely. incredible Even if it were a little quieter than this We’ve already equalized. Good or bad, they will win in the remaining period.