Brazil 4 – South Korea 1.

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Brazil national team showed off their favorite form by beating South Korea 4-1 to qualify for the football World Cup quarter-finals against Croatia.

World Cup 2022

Round of 16 teams 

Brazil 4 – South Korea 1

Brazil has good news, Neymar has recovered from injury and is back in the starting line-up. Like many of the main characters who have taken a break from the last match. South Korea led by Son Heung-min.

The game started 7 minutes ago. Brazil took a 1-0 lead, Rafinha fell to the right before turning the ball into the middle. UFABET The ball goes to the far post, Vinicius catches it and shoots with a focused right.

Brazil went on and led 2-0 four minutes later from a penalty. When Richarlison was fouled by Jean Wu-Yong. And Neymar took the responsibility for a soft effort. After successfully deceiving the South Korean outpost.

The score moved to 3-0 in the 29th minute, Richarlison showed his skills to collect the ball in front of the penalty area before making a bounce to Marquinhos at the next stop. Lizon ran to catch the ball before shooting with the left. 

South Korea will have some chances in the next 3 minutes. Son Heung-Min passes the ball to Hwang Hee-Chan to shoot from the right in the left box, but is saved Alisong Becker.  

When he couldn’t do it, it became a hit when Brazil fled to 4-0 in the 36th minute from playing a decisive counterattack before the end of Vinicius breaking the ball from the left for Lucas Paqueta to run to the right. easy to enter Then the first half ended at this score.

The second half, in the 47th minute.

South Korea should have scored a goal that hit the egg. Kim Young-Kwon put a long ball in front of the penalty area for Son Heung-min to squeeze the Brazilian defensive line before hitting the right side in the penalty area, but Ali Song Becker came out to block quickly, causing a narrow save before the ball went out after.

In the 54th minute, Brazil almost added Paqueta to pass the ball to Rafinha, showing a rocking step until he shot with the left, but saved Kim Song-Kyu a little, while the timing was collected that ended with Vinicius’ shot. S then threw himself out of the frame. 

Rafinha had another chance in the 62nd minute from the moment Neymar passed the ball before hooking into the right side of the penalty area and shooting a tight angle with the right, but Kim Sung-kyu saved it again.

South Korea scored an egg-breaking goal in the 76th minute from a free kick that Casemiro headed to clear the front of the penalty area into Park Seung-ho, caught the ball before hitting it with the full left. The ball deflected the Brazilian player for a bit before inserting it into the post. The score became 4-1. 

At the end of the game in the 89th minute, Brazil almost got another ball, Martinelli crossed the ball from the left for Dani Alves to jump volley. But blocked South Korean players afterwards After that, Brazil beat South Korea 4-1 at the end of the game. Advancing to the quarterfinals to meet Croatia on Friday, December 9.