Causes of jet lag.

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Jet Lag is caused by flying across world time zones and the body is unable to immediately adapt to the new time zone. The main factors that cause Jet Lag symptoms are:

The body’s circadian rhythms are disturbed.

Normally, the cells in the body are regulated so that various systems work normally within a 24-hour cycle. Which includes the important daily activities that the body has to do during the day and night. If traveling across time zones. UFABET The body has to adjust the life clock to match the area of ​​travel. thus affecting the body and doing those routines. Such as sleeping and eating leading to Jet Lag syndrome

Sunlight influence

Sunlight influences the production of melatonin. which is an important hormone that helps cells in the body to function normally. And plays an important role in adjusting the body’s life clock by sending signals to encourage the body to know when it is time to sleep. So that the body can adapt to the new time zone

Weather conditions and air pressure inside the cabin

change in air pressure and altitude during flight. It can cause Jet Lag even if you are not flying across time zones. Including weather conditions with low humidity. May put the body at risk for dehydration, causing symptoms in syndrome to appear.